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Partnering Essentials
How to Partner and Get Results - 2 Day Program

Empowering participants with an in-depth understanding of key cross-sector partnering concepts and equipping them with skills for immediate practical use.
This comprehensive 2 day program provides an in depth view of the why, what and how of cross sector partnering. Maximum of 20 participants, designed for greater interaction and discussion. Plenary sessions and group activities in cabaret style with role playing exercises requiring break out rooms.

Focussing on not only presenting information but in equipping participants with the necessary skills to partner effectively. Enabling participants to:

  • Clarify the language around partnering
  • Understand the partnering process
  • Assess the risks and benefits of partnering
  • When to and when not to partner
  • Ask the right questions at the right time
  • Get action and the results

Why Partner
As our world becomes more complex, collaborating with organisations, departments & communities outside of our industry, supply chain or network, is essential. The Partnering Essentials™ program will equip you with the practical skills required to effectively partner across all layers of business, government, education and community.

Designed for people & teams involved with or considering a partnership, the Partnering Essentials™ program is the industry standard for anyone interested in harnessing the power of cross sector partnering.

What is Partnering Essentials
The Partnering Essentials™ program was developed in 2009 by internationally recognised thought leader Ian Dixon. The programs have been delivered to over 1600 participants across all sectors and industry areas including:

  • economic and regional development
  • primary health
  • community services
  • international development
  • education
  • indigenous affairs
  • resource development
  • environment

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