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As cross sector partnering brokers we provide training and advice to help trouble shoot, upskill and build capacity within organisations to realise the potential of their partnering initiatives.

A practical approach and a partnering process that looks at how to come together around a common issue, to co-create and co-design the solution.  Providing advice and consulting services such as:

Workshops and Forums
Strategic Advice
Partnership Brokering
Partnership Agreements
Reviews and Evaluation

Partnering Essentials™ Licensee

The Partnering Essentials™ suite of programs were developed in 2009 by internationally recognised thought leader Ian Dixon. DPS specialises in transformational cross sector partnering throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region, supporting organisations and individuals from all sectors to work together and partner effectively.

Jane is an accredited trainer for DIXON Partnering Solutions (DPS) and as Partnership Broker she builds the skills and knowledge of both individuals and organisations to realise the full potential of their partnering initiatives. She is currently completing her Partnership Brokers Association’s (PBA) International Accreditation.

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Partnering Essentials™

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