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Up and Running

  • I've been procrastinating about when is the best time to officially launch Enabling Solutions. Although I have been operating for over 6 months I have been busy building the business both internally and externally. During this time I have got a lot clearer on what I do best, what I can offer and where I can add value to both individuals and organisations.
  • As a generalist this has been a challenge as I have proven over many years that I am a 'jill of all trades' and with 'a can do' attitude I have always been willing to give anything a go. But I really can't offer everything to everybody. So over these past months as I have taken on new clients and worked on various initiatives, delivered workshops and conducted trainings, my focus become sharper. The work has helped to define me and establish what areas of skills and experience I can provide leadership and innovation.
  • So I am pleased to announce that Enabling Solutions will be specialising in Engagement, Partnering and Governance Consulting Services. Let me know if I can be of help to you and your organisation.